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C & C Mobility is a full service mobility business focusing on helping companies and individuals with their transportation needs.  C & C Mobility's major focus is on wheelchair accessible vehicles and the products/equipment needed to enable individulals to enter and exit vehicles and be safely operated by a wheelchair bound individual or be transported in them by                                                                                                        another individual.

 Company News

Ford QVM Certified

Following a rigours inspection process Ford Motor Company recognizes us a being a Certified Ford Quality Vehicle Modifier.

NMEDA QAP Certified

We are recognized by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association as having met the highest level of processess in the modification of vehicles and the installation of mobility equipment. 

Personal Use Vehicles and in Vehicle Equipment/Devices

C & C Mobility has both new and used wheelchair accessible personal use vehicles along with the all the assistive equipment necessary to enter and exit vehicles as well as sfely securing the driver/occupants and enabling individuals with disabilities to do what ever is necessary to operate or be transported in a vehicle.

 Corporate Providers & Transporation Companies

C & C Mobility has over 35 years experience in converting full size vans into wheelchair transports capable of safely carrying any mix of ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals.   Also, available are shuttle vehicles with aisle seating with or without the ability to load and transport individuals in wheelchairs.

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